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Looking for a job anyone ?

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Hi guys,
Just wanted to throw this out there. I'm looking for someone to replace me as a "lot attendant" at IRA Toyota of Danvers in MA.
It's a chillin job. Good working environment. Park cars, take pictures, drive all different types of vehicles and a lil bit of paper work. It's a full-time position. Busy dealership in the Used Cars department. Comes with benefits etc.
Highschool diploma req'd. Be intermediate with computers, windows etc.
Email [email protected] for more details.
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if I was closer I might have taken u up on that!
id do it, but they wouldnt hire me. i need another job, prefferbly PT
dam, same thing as devon

my friend does it, in the matter of 5 months he is now the lot manager, great job to move up in..too bad ur in boston

Pitchblack, quit ur day job and come work here haha.
You pass a drug test. You're in!!!
I work third shift full time.

I dont do drugs, so thats no problem.

My driving record, thats a different story.
how much do these kind of jobs typically pay?
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