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Loss of power!

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I have a 2000 SE Zetec DOHC. For about the past couple months, my fuel economy has dropped considerably. I also have a strange loss of power in the high and low ends. Anybody have any idea what could be happening? I replaced my fuel filter, pressure cleaned the injectors, replaced spark plugs, cleaned my MAF sensor, and tried the focus hack for the dpfe sensor. I dunno what to do next. I'm getting under 20mpg and I don't have lead foot disease. I have taken into account the colder weather, but this started in the summer. Even on the highway I'm barely getting 30mpg.
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Have your fuel pump checked.
I smell a failing fuel pump.
how would a fuel pump be causing bad fuel economy, wouldn't you lose power or "spudder" a little if it were going out??? I have my 02 SE Zetec and no matter how I drive it, well except now when I "hot dog" it, it drinks the gas, I only get 50 miles per 1/4 tank city driving or about 27-30 mpg on freeway.....
Now if a fuel pump was going out I would have felt it by now cause it's been like this since I've owned the car, from about 23k to now with 45k.
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how many miles???, this is a symptom of a dead catylitic contverter. mine did the same thing
Mine has the same problem but I've learned to live with that fact that my Focus will only get 16 mpg. It will undoublty be my trade-in for a new vehicle very soon.
It's gotta be a fuel pump as far as the loss of power, or maybe the coil pack is it misfiring, turn on your a/c and everithing elsr you can think of put the motor under load, floor it see if it's sputtering or anything. Mine was doing the same thing and i replace the plugs wires and coil pack and it's running great i get 26 in the city w\ an auto (and i'm the guy that likes to be the first through the intersection) it get' around 31 on the highway now. i was at 18 in the city and 24 on the highway.
yes I had the same issue it was totally a faulty fuel pump...
After I replaced my starving fuel pump with the recall kit the MPG went up! I have no idea how that can happen, but I think ECU starts richening the mixture at the lower rpm to make up for the lean condition sensed because of the starving pump.
How can I tell if the fuel pump is faulty? I just changed my fuel pump less than a year ago and I get sputtering at lower rpms sometimes when accelerating from a stand still.
Fuel Filter!!!! do you have any mods maybe your just lacking fuel at high RPM's but if it's lacking on the low or idleing then it COULD be the pump but then it could be the filter and your getting a lot of resistance in the lines.
I thought that it might be the filter so I put a new one in last week. Is there anyway to test the fuel pump to see if it is faulty?
Like I already stated, I replaced the fuel filter. Does anyone know what fuel pressure should read? If my fuel pump is dying, the my pressure will be lower. One thing I forgot too, once in a while i'll have an extended crank after sitting overnight or for a few hours.
I too have also noticed that it takes a bit longer to start in the mornings. It seems that we might possibly have the same problem
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I vote for checking the fuel pump.
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