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Low Speed Surge Question

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Im experiencing the common EGR/DPFE surging. My car has 70,000 on it and this is the first time this problem has come up.

2000 SE
5 Speed
Fmax kit
EGR block off plate
EGR (light) turned off MIC/Tom.

Here's the kicker:
I have the EGR blocked off with a plate between the EGR and the intake manifold (where the two 10mm bolts are). The pipe is still in place and the DPFE is still hooked up with vacc hoses and elec. connector.

1. Is it possible that the EGR or DPFE is bad and causing this, even though I am blocking its flow?
2. Should I remove the system completly? I blocked the EGR in order to stop a boost leak out the valve. I left everything hooked up so I didnt have to plug a hole in the header (downpipe in this case).
3. I have a brand new EGR valve to try, and I guess I could remove the DPFE completely. But I shouldn't have any flow there anyway, right?

Any ideas?

EDIT: should/could I post this in Zetec Tuning as well?


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