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Lowering clutch ?

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Is there any way to make clutch pedal lower so it's more comfortable to drive and to drive fast ! Now it's to much up. I don't know how to change gears fast with current setup.
As far as I found on this forums clutch is not adjustable ?
What do you do ???

2000 ZX3

I am new here.
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It's a hydraulic clutch. I don't know of any way to lower it, or make the throw shorter.

I have found that the focus clutch has one of the shortest throws of any car I have driven... Just shorten the shifter.

Just takes some practice quick shifting.
in a hydraulic clutch you cant adjust when it engages. i know on hondas you can adjust the pedal height a little bit theres a pin with an adjustment screw on civics, dont know bout foci though, i would assume so, get down on the floor and check it out!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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