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I ordered a LUK flywheel (DMF) for my 2006 2.0L ZX4. Problem is that I ordered it back in early Feb and am just now getting around to installation after engine rebuild. I also ordered OEM bolts (1S7Z-6379-AAA) at the same time. While trying to install the LUK flywheel, I found that the OEM bolts were about 5mm too long. After some research, I found that there are different flywheels for the 2.0 vs the 2.3L and I had received the 2.3 one which takes shorter bolts. The price for the 2.0 (DMF096) is $750 while the 2.3 (DMF064) is $229???

Sooooooo, two questions:
1) Can I still use this 2.3 DMF (weighs 22lbs!!) on my 2.0 Duratec? It's too late to return and I can't afford a new $750 one...
2) Can I either grind down the longer bolts slowly so as to not affect heat treating, or use 5mm thick washers under the longer bolts? I can't return these either :(
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