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M3 mirror Question

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im planing on geting some of those M3 mirrors from ebay , but i was thinking, if i connect them to my turn signals they are going to be on all the time i turn the headlights, is there away i can just make them flash when i mark the turn signal?? peace
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yup, you can have them either way. if you want them just to flash when you signal, tap them into your grille wires
if you want them just to flash when you signal, tap them into your grille wires
where are the grille cables at?? peace
but the turn signals that are at the grill also stay on when i turn my head lights, peace
Just tap into Ground and Major (the two most outer wires on each side of the grille harness) and they will just flash with the turn signal lamps. its the middle wire (minor) which causes your park lamps to turn on, just dont connect it to that wire.
I just put some on my car, but I need to know how to hook up the lights. I dont understand how you get the wires from the mirrors down to connect to the front grille?!?

My set only came with 3 short wires (blue, white and black). Theres no way it could reach the front of the car. Am I supposed to buy more wire??? If so where exactly do they hook up to?

Sorry for the stupid questions but the damn thing came without instructions and i was just trying to wing it.

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<font color="blue"> calm down dood itll be ok
1st u need to buy some more wire best bet is radioshack try to match up the guage of the wire 2nd u can just expose the neg wire aka black wire and unscrew a bolt on the door and screw that down 3rd u can either use ur bumper lights or grille lights up to u i went w/ the corners the blue wire u will want to have it connected to the orange wire and the red wire to the red/blue wire and that should do it</font>
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