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Originally posted by Ducman69:
Gosh... if we were talking about people instead of cars I would call you guys all racists.
Its like when I try to talk about the new SVT Cobra or GT40 to a hardcore Honda (at minimum "import") buddy at work, its immediately dismissed as "Ford crap".

I'm like... ok brand loyalty is alright when purchasing, but how can you claim these are "crap" when you know absolutely NOTHING specific about the GT40 for example??? Ugh...

And while the M5 is still a gorgeous vehicle, its quite heavy at over 4K lbs already. If this hot-rod Caddy were out right now... mags are already raving about the handling of the current CTS, but in addition it'd have more power and torque with the excellent LS6 possibly mated to a 6-speed paddle shifter, while being a good 500lbs lighter. And like the SVT Focus is to the regular ZX3, it'd probably pick up some nice visual accents as well (trim, interior, wheels). The styling and luxury evaluation isn't quite as cut and dry, but it sounds like it would either match or exceed the M5s performance, which is nothing to laugh at.

This isn't a typical car that Cadillac is known for building, so why dismiss it based soley on the rep of the "old-man plush luxo-cruiser" models in their lineup? If you've seen and driven a CTS and "haaated it" (*two snaps*) then thats a different matter...
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">however cars are not people and that means i can hate anyone i choose. So I choose everything GM ****s out of its giant ass (minus the corvette)


BTW M5 forever. There's just no freak'n way caddy will get enough outa this niche market benz and BMW own it.

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