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MAF Fit Question

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Does anyone know if the draxas billet MAF will fit the marcy cai? is this mod even worth considering? let me know what you think
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It looks like it would require some modification to fit. You would either need to grind that flange off the MAF housing, or get a matching flange and short tube section to connect the CAI to.

It's important to mention that, without tuning, a larger MAF will probaby harm your engine. The ECU only sees a small cross-section of the air going through your intake, and calculates total flow based on the assumption that it's seeing a certain percent of the total area in the MAF housing. If you upgrade to a larger MAF housing, its calculations are off and your engine will be constantly lean. This is very bad, and it will almost certainly damage your engine over time. If you have an XCalibrator, order a new tune for it to go with this housing. If not, look elsewhere.

(PS: you will get some benefit from this mod, but you'll get much more "bang for your buck" elsewhere. Consider this once you already have cams, a header, full exhaust, etc
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yeah, i should probably wait. i just have intake and exhaust. do you just have a flex-pipe or do you have a header + flex? i want upgrade my exhaust to a 2.5". i want a header and flex as well but the header's pretty expensive.
I just added a flex-pipe, not the header. I think someone's dyno showed a 1 hp gain or so for the flex-pipe, but the sound was worth what I paid for it.

(plus I can say that I have Cosworth parts
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it bolted up to the stock exhaust manifold ok?
It bolted up to mine with no problem. IIRC, flex-pipes can be bolted up to the stock manifold on any PZEV Duratec. Non-PZEVs have a one-piece manifold and flex, so they need aftermarket headers in order to install flex-pipes.
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