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Magnaflow Ford Focus exhausts in stk. Free shipping !

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We have just received the Zx3, 4Dr, and SVT Exhausts for the Ford Focus.

We have these American made, stainless exhausts in stock, and at great prices !!

For a VERY limited time, to introduce them, we are offering free shipping on these by Fedex within the continental US.

Prices :

Zx3 and Sedan $279.99
Focus SVT $299.99

Again, we are offering free shipping for a limited time, so please call us asap if you would like to get one. We will ship the same day you order and have a good inventory of them.

1-877-247-6366 toll free is our order hotline ! is our website !

They arent listed on the website at this moment as its so new, but we do have them in stock and will have pictures up shortly for them.
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Is this the same as the second gen for this exhaust? Has Magnaflow added a resonator to make it quieter for those of us with race headers or off road pipes? Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all suggesting that the magnaflow is loud. They're actually one of the quietest smooth sounding systems available, but a race header changes that pretty quickly.
Heres a picture of the Magnaflow exhaust for everyone to see. Sorry it wasnt updated sooner.

Just want to take this moment to remind everyone that we are still offering the free shipping special on these pieces and they are in stock !

Zx3 exhaust $279.99
Svt exhaust $299.99
Sedan exhaust $279.99

We usually ship the same day you order, and keep the merchandise in stock. Give us a call !

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So no resonator?
The SVT exhaust is 2.5 inches or 2.25?? The whole system is stainless steel? Thanks.
Correct me if I'm wrong but the only difference between the SVT and ZX3 Cat-back is the resonator in the longer pipe... Basically because the SVT came stock with a race header... So I assume you could just grab the SVT set up and already have a resonator for it
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Some facts for you guys :

All of the Magnaflow exhausts are 2.25 inches in sizing.
The only difference among them, are that the SVT comes with a resonator, the others dont, and the difference in length between the systems. Other than that, they are all the same, American made, Stainless exhausts

As stated above, we have them in stock, and are still offering the free shipping on the Focus systems. If youd like to get one, just give us a call !
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I would like to order one but I cannot see the pic! I looked on your website and I could not find it there either...Also would this be any different from stock?
holy **** this thread is 6 years old.
somebody went digging! Guess I should have payed more attention...
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