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Marcy Motorsport HI-FLO Cold Air Intake Dyno Numbers

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The much anticipated dyno numbers are finally here. Performance with this system is nothing less than incredible for an air intake system. All power measurements are taken at the wheels with a DynoJet 248C in-ground dyno, using SAE correction.

Stock Baseline Averaged 131.4tq 125.6hp
Stock w/ HI-FLO CAI Averaged 139.5tq 136.0hp
Average Peak Gains 8.1tq 10.4hp
2000-4000 Averaged Gains 6.0tq 3.6hp
4500-6500 Averaged Gains 10.9tq 11.4hp
2000-6500 Averaged Gains 8.5tq 7.1hp
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Re: Marcy Motorsport HI-FLO Cold Air Intaje Dyno Numbers

mmmm tonooorque

altho defifitely baselined lower than i thnught it would.


just to clarify, i'm discing the baseline, not the gains. I like the gahns.
mmmm tooooorque

altho definitely baselined lower than i thought it would.


just to clarify, i'm dissing the baseline, not the gains. I like the gains.
I've seen several baseline at that...
FS's stock PZEV only made 126whp too!

Those are some of the best gains from just an intake that I've ever seen. WOW!
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Very Very Nice!
very nice. hell, with just I/H/E you guys will be putting out a lot more power than me and i have damned near every bolt on and cams!
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mmm think we can get 60 more whp with mild cams? I'm startin to get worried here...
These cars have the potential to be serious little beasts. With an exhaust, intake, and headers the duratecs will be eating the svt's for breakfast. 200hp N/A should be very doable.
i'm worried about how much low-end we'll have to give up to get there is all.
I don't think we are going to lose too much in the low end, I think the exhaust setup is going to have an interesting effect and I am curious to see what happens once we get headers and exhaust going. I also think that proper tuning is going to make a big difference.
what's really got me interested is what the cam profiles are gonna look like. LIke i said earlier, i'm thinking/hoping that this engine is severely undercammed
I really wanted to leave this thing stock as long as I owned it but it's getting pretty tempting to toss on some bolt-ons with those numbers.
That is how I started too, but I am really enjoying the upgrade. You can't beat the gains and price for this intake.

Edited for spelling and grammar.
126 is exactly 15% loss to the wheels. Which would be the standard for FWD drivetrain loss. This engine is right where it's supposed to be.
good call, Andy. I didn't even bother to calculate drive train loss, i've just been thinking of the 160 hp mazda 3 version and then thinking 22% loss.
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