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Marcy Motorsports clutch

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Anyone got any comments on mary motorsports street clutches?
It seems to be a good deal...300 for PP, organic disc, throwout and alignment tool. Says it holds 170hp

All i have done is volant, fc tb, crower 2nd gen stg 2's, fc small udp, fc race header and maganaflow. I do off and on drag racing but mainly autox
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Is that flywheel power that 170 That sounds pretty cheap I think I would rather have the stocker back in.
bump... what am i gonna be the first with this clutch pakage?
If your plans are to do more boltons/power adders than allways install a clutch for 2 times the power you think you want for NA and about the biggest thing you can get for boost that is streetable

A clutch is to hard to change to have to keep doing it

Isn't the stocker good for 200whp if you don't abuse it alot?

170 doesn't seem like a whole lot.
I'm still running stock and I think my power's getting up there. Only 36,000 miles though.
Isn't the stocker good for 200whp if you don't abuse it alot?

170 doesn't seem like a whole lot.
I would seriously doubt the stocker could hold 200 for very long. I am pretty sure he means 170whp.

I'll call him b4 i order it to be sure
Our clutches are rated very conservatively for flywheel horsepower to keep them from being improperly used. There is room to grow in both replacement style clutches we offer.

The organic sets are great for N/A setups that shift under 7000rpm and general street use. They are a bit stiffer pedal effort than stock and use the strongest organic faced disc we could find.

The Rev-Lok set would easily handle a typical street turbo system like Tom's, an Aerocharger, or a JRSC with other mods. The only downside is a shorter lifespan than other materials, but it is very stable at street and racing temperatures.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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