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Meet 10-21/22

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Is there a meet set up for tonight or tomorrow???If so where at and what time??If not we should try and get one goin,I'm going to FBRW tonight.So if anybody wants to meet me there maybe we can get a few people goin and call it a meet!!!
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There is a meet at Sonic at Rural and Baseline at 9pm tonight. I wont be going I am going to Firebird to run on the slicks. I think some will be at Pavillions tomorrow night, but not sure about that.
sweet ok well see ya there todd.
was it the sonic on rural and baseline or on rural and brodway. last friday we were at brodway in the qt parking lot. tons of room and well lit. just currious I doent even know if there is a sonic on rural and baseline???
okay just checked another thread and found it is the sonic on rural and brodway. per what chewbacca was saying.
haha, i was there till almost 9 and noone showed, so i left cus i had been at the drd meeting and there was a land cruiser meet and i'd been drinking since around 230, no, i was sober befroe i went to sonic, and now i'm off to play some broom ball.
i showed at 1030 after finishing my cai install and no one was there and then i caught engineer on the 60 and he said two people showed and they had just left yeah for unorganized meets
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yes deffinatly yea for disorginazation. oh well it looks like I might be able to go to the pavilions tommrow after all.
yea every1 come to the pavilions... check the other post on here says we're meeting at sonic rural and broadway agian, since i dont even have a clue where pavilions is...haha
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