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Hi all
Just thought I would pass on my experience on Friday.

First, it was great to see a number of folks that hang around here, and some that don't. Hope to see you again at a track this year.

As the rain clouds darkened, the wind picked up I hurried to change from My Khumo R's to my new street tires, both to travel home to Columbus and for another shot at the track. Even with my rain suit on it was a wet experience. I have to give a big thanks to my Z club buddy Jim C for his help in that physical exercise.

I lined up for session four, along with only about 10 cars. there were about 6 ahead of me in the grid. Where were all the high HP boys? Rear wheel drive? well this will be an empty track.

By the time we were on track, the surface was really covered with water and it got more so as the lapping continued. My new tires were up to the task however, and I was able to catch and pass everone ahead of me. This included the unlucky sole in the Subi. After passing him, he may have thought he could go faster "if that dammmm blue SVT can go that fast I sure ought to be able to in my four wheeler" and that is when he backed into the wall on the back straight and the red flag came out.

He may have not understood that I never go over 75-80mph on the back straight in the rain.

Why, cause of the story told at one of the level 2 classes by an instuctor who had the "back into the wall" experience himself. Resulted in breaking a vertabre in his neck!
The instuctor was telling us because there was rain forcast that day, and he was sharing his experince for our benefit. His student had been passed a lot during the dry morning sessions, and in the rain, with his Front wheel drive, he was doing some passing in the rain and feeling good about it. But, hydoplaning will happen to anyone at the right speed, and the puddles at MO provide the opportunity. The old track surface was famous for the puddles, and the new certainly holds a lot of water, but maybe more a single sheet.

My tires are the Goodyear F1 GS-D3 that were picked first by Car & Driver and other magazines in the recent tire comparison. They were awsome in that rain. Just what I wanted for the street , highway, and track in the wet.

I'm thinking that the rain is an opportunity to be smoother and "listen" to your car as the input is dialed in gradually. I sure as heck don't want to be setting in the paddock, while other folks are having fun on the track in the rain.

Wish I could have been there Sat and Sun, but for many reasons couldn't.

There was talk of the track feeling slick, and I had that sense, but also ran my fastest laps on the Club course. Several laps at 1:57's. So maybe the track is faster but feels different???

What you feel and what you get differs I guess.
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