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Mid-Ohio last weekend (56k come back tomorrow) Long read

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Mid-Ohio pics

So i have waited too long to put these up.
The baby blue mustang is my neighbor's car
Mods- Eibach pro kit springs, koni yellows, caster camber plates, yokahoma tires (even worked will in wet), custom sub frame connectors, kenny brown street cage, misc other suspension mods i cant remember. Engine- cobra intake roller rockers, headers offroad x pipe, engine management,
3.73 gears
I am sure i missed some stuff.
In the last session the track finally dried out fully he was running 1.56s with me in the car it was amazing

the red 05 mustang is bone stock performance wise that was a friend of ours. he was running 2.03's in the dry
so i am told the 05 mustangs are SOOOOO much better chassis wise than the previous models. he drove like a hero though for the first time he has ever been on a track
The neon oh dear god the neon
Story- In the wet the neon was dominating everyone on the track took no prisoners. So i go over to talk to this guy and he is this older guy with full head of grey hair. COOL AS HELL his car had dc sports stress bars front and rear, KW variant 2 dampers, big sways all around, mopar stage 2 and AEM cai, and some wheels with 225 width tires of the goodyear something variety. so he offers to take me out with him next session he goes in (which was mostly dry with a few wet spots). starts out at 5 psi for a lap to make sure the car is ok. then ups it to 22
amazing. We pass everyone we come to including my neighbor which was great because him and the guys we were with refused to say anything respectful about the neon all day no matter how hard i tried to make them realize. My neighbor at the end of the day talked to the guy and showed some respect. His car couldnt hang in the straights neon just pulled away. turns i dont know who would have won head to head.

Neon guy was an amazing driver he broke late and real hard took great lines it was superb. I found out later that he did one lap this summer and beat up on some pretty serious stuff with a 160 hp benz 190 E.
One lap story see track addicts

Sorry for the long and very poorly written read i will answer any questions that anyone has since i can't write
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