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Might be transfering to Mizzou Looking for Roomate

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some of you may have read my post in off topic on transfering to a new school, i now go to Northwest Missouri State and do not like it one bit. Well my choices were Univeristy of Nevada Reno and Mizzou. My parents have told me that they want me to go to a missouri school even if it is more expensive. Well i might be looking for a roomate.
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thought you said you were gonna stick it out? what happened??
ah just keeping my options open, might stick it out we will see, but would rather go to a larger town school. I might go i might stay just poking around at options
My gf's best friend just transfered this year FROM Mizzou. She said it sucked bad. If you weren't in a frat or sorority it was horrible. She tranfered to Webster University. Just letting you know the opinions of a former student.

that is why i am leaving here, i can take that but suposibly up here it is worse. I have a few friends there plus home is only an hour away
st louis is 2 hours, lake st louis may be an hour though
yeah barely over an hour
plus i could go to the STL and KC meets
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