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This happened about a month ago but I'm just getting around to posting about it. When we were putting the engine back in we had bent the pressure line on the powersteering so it was leaking like a running Faucet
. By the way, my engine is not stock and doesn't look stock either. When I went to the dealership they said it might be covered under warranty since I hadn't modded the powersteering at all. I asked if they could tell me if it would be covered for sure before they took it from me because I did not want them to get it back in the bay and tell me it wasn't under warranty and they charge me a 75 dollar service fee
for telling me, " got a leak"
, so they called the service manager out there and luckily I had just talked to him about a week before about some lifters(so I had already gotten to know him a little)
so he knew, plus I told him that I had done alot of modifications to the car. I pop the hood; he took one look and said "well it's one of the prettiest installed engine's I've ever seen;):D I guess will cover it" I just started laughing
and after he got it back there he told me why it was leaking and said "just be careful next time you pull the engine out". Which by the we took his advice and took caution on Russell's engine removal and install.
I thought ya'll might enjoy this story, just to let ya'll know miracles do happen and that the dealership isn't always looking to totally void your warranty.

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