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Hey there! Brand new member here, and I already have a question for you. I know that many parts are interchangeable between the mk 1 and 1.5 Foci; this is apparent by having the ST front end on my car! 😆 However I'm curious about changing out the rear end as well. Obviously, the trunk lid, lock actuator, trunk lock pin/latch catch, tail lenses and bumper will all need to be changed. However I'm mostly concerned with the tail wiring harness functionality. With the mk 1.5 having the back up light plus the now dual filament turn/brake light, as opposed to the three bulb treatment on the mk 1; what aside from that specific wiring harness will I have to change? I'd also think the trunk harness end which connects to the lock actuator would be easy enough though. Please let me know what I need to do as I'd like to get started on this as soon as possible. Thank you!
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