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MK2 Euro Headlights ... I need help fast!

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I found a very good deal on a pair of European MK2 headlights and the seller needs an answer from me before tonight. I need to know what parts are needed to install them. The seller says he can get me the turn signal bulb holders and the rear access covers. So if I'm right, all that I'll be missing are the bulbs and the wiring that correct?

Bulbs: What bulbs do I need? The seller says he can get me the bulbs from Ford but his price is very high for the bulbs. What types of bulbs do I need and can I buy them here (North America)? Are the Euro Ford bulbs brighter than our NA bulbs?

Wiring: This seems very complicated. Do I need a VW wiring harness and VW wires like the Mach HID install or is there a simpler way to hook the headlights? Is there a simpler wiring harness I can get directly from Ford?
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You need a VW plug, 4 VW wires for the plugs, H7 bulbs for the low beams and H1 bulbs for the high beams. Not sure what bulb the turn signals use, because I just extended my old signal sockets.

Search for 2002 euro headlights. You'll find a lot of info on the install.
Fockus, If If were you, I'd just buy the headlights and worry about the wires n bulbs later. You will be able to find the turn signal bulbs here, it just takes some searching.
Thanx for the replies guys, I really appreciate the help I get on these boards.

So I will buy the bulbs here. Are H1 and H7 bulbs brighter than the standard US H4 bulbs?

Somehow I thought there was an easier way to hook up the Euro headlights than the VW harness+wires. I guess I was wrong, dammit, it looks complicated.
It's not that hard. You can pick up the harness replacement part from ford (the part number evades me right now, but it has an H4 plug on one side and the male part of the plug on the other side) so that you can solder the VW wires to that, then just plug it into your existing harness...that way if you need to replace it with the stock headlights, it's plug and play.

The h7's are low beam and the h1's are high beam. They're separate...but about the same brightness, unless you buy higher wattage bulbs.

Once you have everything hooked up, you can jump the high beam switch to allow the lows and highs to be on at the same time. That's the way the lights are in europe.

If you like the running lights in the turn signal, you have to just extend your existing bulb holder because in europe, the 2002 signals are just that...they are not running lights.

Here's an OLD post on how to do wiring (pinouts, etc)
Holy [censored]! The Ford Wiring Adapter (YS4Z-13A006-CA) now sells for 85$ CAD each. Anyone knows what that part is and where can I get it for less?
geeez I guess we can't advertise Sascha's site anymore
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weird, is that the full harness from the old plug to the VW type plug? The only thing I bought from ford was the H4 replacements and that was about $12 total. The VW parts should cost about $30
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