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kinda long...

Ok this car(02 ZX3) has had the worst suspension problems. first i had a set of NumberOne coil-overs after 3 months they started clicking and apon inspection i noticed the
adjuster sleeve was starting to strip and that both the front dampers were blown. so i went the expenisve route. i purchased FC coil-overs, pro dampers and everything i needed to align the car plus tower braces for the front and rear. i had it on for a day and they to were rubbing and strippinglike the first set. i tried everything to make them work and spent over $500 in labor getting other people to try there hand at it. nothing worked!!! eventually my friend at FC returned the battered parts and gave me sportlines and a new set of pro-dampers. now the car dips and sways, when on the high-way the strut rattles and vibrates. sometimes sounds like someting is grinding if only one wheel dips or hits a bump. i need help please i don't want to spend to much more and i hate all this noise!!!
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