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Mods for a NA Automatic focus

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Hey all,

Ok i need to get some good ideas on some not so expensive mods good for a Automatic focus Zetec engine. Im planning on getting the chip sometime
but what other things would be good to do for a autotragic. Also i did a search but came up empty handed
what are the best spark plug wires out there? Thanks all
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pulleis r good intake get the tranny worked on down the road. just some for starts
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Here's what I've done and been happy with

Pulley- Feel a big difference, relatively low cost (AFX)$100

Intake- Great change in response, much nicer growl (Focusport)$250

Exhasut- Very Very worth it improved accel and also it looks a lot better than the stock rusted coffee can. (Focusport)$400

In terms of sparkplug wires unless you are drag racing (see summitt racing or they are all pretty much the same 9mm wires. I got Steeda's for $50 or so.
I feel they smoothed out my ideal and improved response slightly but don't expect too much change.

Good luck to you!
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List of my auto mods:

FC Cam Gears - set at 0 for now.

Crower 2 Cams - untuned for now but did notice quicker acceleration at hwy speeds.

FS Exhaust - sounds good. get compliments all the time. nice gains as well.

Volant Intake - just swapped out my bomz cai for this one. very nice intake. nice power across the board. just need a fc ram air hood to keep the car from bogging.

Ported TB - very cheap and easy mod. barely noticeable increase in throttle response. better off leaving it stock and saving for a 65mm tb.

FR Plug Wires - more of an appearance mod. nothing provides a better spark than oem until you upgrade coil pack. if you find some used, it's definately worth the $$.

Esslinger UDP - one of the best bang for the buck mods. would recommend every auto owner get one. noticeable change in acceleration. revs much faster now. however, in combination with my system, it's putting a sufficient drain on my electrical systems.

FS 4-1 Race Header and flex pipe - coming for christmas. should push the cams to their full potential. looking for some really good tq #s from this mod.

all this on the stock tranny!!

When it goes out,it's conversion time.
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LOVELY set up my man lovely
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I'm gonna tell you how it is SO LISTEN TO DADDY!!

6. EXHAUST, 2.25"


Almost forgot, get some light wheels and gut the hatch! Wieght is our enemy!!
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Mods I'd do in order:
1)K&N Filter. A decent car dealer should offer this when they sold the car.
2)chip, Superchip or diablo depending on code. Definitely needed for autos. Sad part is the 91octane needed! If you DON'T want the advanced time/AFratios, PM me about other tranny options to help shifting.
3)UDP, Esslinger(FordRacing) & FC Water or FC 2piece are your best. Uses stock belts
4)CAI, Can't go wrong with Iceman.

Don't waste money on wires unless you just want "cool" colors. The stock ones are hard to beat.

In an auto, I wouldn't change the exhaust out. You loose too much lowend tq. I went back to stock. If you start messing with adjustable cams and have them dynotuned you might consider it.

As for handling, upgrade to 16" or 17" wheels. I favor the stock 16" (of course I also have a set listed in the classifieds).
Consider an upgrate to SVT springs and dampers for better ride/handling. Or for even better handling at a modest cost ($400 or less) try a KW or Apex sport kit. If you're a diehard or want to rally, look at DMS (about $1800-$3200 for street40's or offroad50's).
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jnmarshall's got it right on too
. Considering the gains and where they are made, a drop in is as good as a full intake to us autos, because we keep the low end torque. The same goes for exhaust, however a high flow cat and flex pipe are good additions. I have to differ on the wires; just new wires won't help but a new coil pack would be mighty fine!
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a drop in is as good as a full intake to us autos
So you're saying that something like an Iceman CAI wouldn't make much difference in an auto tranny Focus?
remember every car is different it could and it couldn't
An Iceman, Cold Air, etc. would net more HP/Torque results, but where it makes the most difference is where it counts. We're also talking $40 vs. $~200 for a couple HP.

I just installed a drop-in K&N yesterday, and was waivering on buying an Iceman in a month or so.
I am being kinda wishy-washy on buying one, though. At times I want one, and at times I don't think the gain to expense ratio is enough in my favor.

Perhaps I'll just take off the resonator box and get some form of snorkel for the hole and be happy with just a little more growl.

It looks like a UDP is widely accepted as being the best 'bang for your buck' mod for the Focus. Maybe that's what I'll do instead of an intake.
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No need for the Iceman, just get an SVT snorkle and a ITG drop in filter, cost for both $75. The SVT snorkle is much larger than the one for the Iceman. Take a look at my sig, for what I've done so far. I've gotten much better throtle responce. Still gonna add a chip, 2000 intake man, hi-flow cat, and 2.25 cat back, some day. PS porting the stock T/B is the best thing I've done so far.
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Ok i need to get some good ideas on some not so expensive mods good for a Automatic focus Zetec engine.
same story here. af/x udp shows decent gains...faster revs...maybe 4 ponies to the wheels across the board. if you don't have an impact wrench for the udp install, you'll have a helluva time. anyway, i did the same search/discussion for auto foci performance and came up with the following:

1. udp
2. new motor mount (better response)
3. chip

not sure what should be next, but the next best bang for the buck seems to be a ported 2000 intake manifold. in my opinion, cai is not a best bang for ther buck mod.
Here is what I have:

1. ITG Flat + SVT snorkel
2. Apex-i exhaust

This should be done:

3. UDP
4. Diablo chip

The shifting point in our ATX is so bad, it delays when you floor it sometimes. If my car had been reliable I would have done diablo chip. But, this car is a frequent visitor at the local dealer and they need to pull the code everytime. The joy of owning a ford, I guess.

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it delays when you floor it sometimes.
i hate should jump into overdrive everytime we mash it, right? i'm counting on the new mount and chip mod to improve these delays.
Whoa...I thought they fixed that delay in 02, but you have 03 and having the same issue.

JE pistons, eagle rods and Toms turbo thats my vote
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here is my set up
FS Race header,
crower stage II cams
cam gears
esslinger UDP
screamin demon coil pack 10mm wires
Diablo chip
magnaflow cat back
rear seats removed
rota slipstream wheels 13. something pounds

still run 17.2 in the quarter mile
don't bother with an auto. Isn't worth the trouble in my opinion. I wasted so much time and money on this car and is still can't beat a stock civic auto on the track. Fun to drive I guess.

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