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Monster Garage - DeLorean

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Is this a new episode? Man, I'm afraid to watch them cut it up!
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yes, its a new episode i think. I havent seen it yet. Thank you for reminding me. It just started. I LOVE YOU EGZ!!!

They can't do any worse than Back to the Future did.
OMG...jesse is going to KILL THem. Its not truley functional the way jesse woudl say. It wont appear stock, and wont drive like normal. :-\
they are going to get hell for that.

They can't do any worse than Back to the Future did.
I have a feeling they will.
I feel more for the Elky than I do for the delorean.
He's uber pissed, hahaha

Glad this isn't turning out like another Hot-Dog Vending Race Car.
thats sucks i wsh they would have made it work, 3rd failure of how many

this shout be a good "blow the failure up" at camp pendelton
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awwwwwwwwww yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[censored] marines get to have all the fun

break it jesse break it now!!!!!!
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Damn they cut the hell out of that car.
Well, I would put some blame on Jesse for bailing the first 2 days because he hated the project and them magically come back after they decide to try and take the easy route. I think they should have had 1 more day.
This is one of the worst episodes...
Can't believe they destroyed 2 of them!!!!
DeLoreans are the biggiest pieces of [censored] ever created..

the only thing that was cool was the body of it... everything else was crap..
it was a pretty bad episode. to have them use the "all delorean" team was a bad call. Get some other guys in there... and not that loser "OOOH lemme be on TV" electronic guy.

That was their mistake. They had no creative input on it... Jesse is to blame for being so flaky on the design process.
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