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Motor problem.

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I was out enjoying the weather today when the engine bucked and then dieseld pretty hard. Now there is a loud knocking sound at the bottom of the motor.

I think it may have spun a rod or crank bearing but I'll have to tare it down to find out. I was turning the engine just below the modified rpm limit and going around a hard corner when it happened. My brother was trying to keep up with me and said there was a big puff of white blue smoke out my exhaust just as I went into the corner. If it wasn't for the knocking I would have just though I blew a head gasket, but it's a steady hard knock. Yet again my having a trailer has proved useful.

I have been abusing the motor pretty hard this year, with the autox events I've been hammering the RPM limiter quite often. I had already decided to toss this motor last year looks like I might have just finished it off.

I'm going to pull the engine to see what when wrong next week.
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What RPM are we talking about here?
7800RPM I think. I say this because that's what they told me it was at. I can't see the gauge in the top half of the range as my steering wheel is in the way.
7800? Thats really pushing the envelope on stock internals and valve springs.
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Yeah.... that's a little high I'd say.

Why would you ever spin that high? It's not making any power past 6000 anyway. Not unless you've got massive mods, which I don't think you do.

7800RPM I think. I say this because that's what they told me it was at. I can't see the gauge in the top half of the range as my steering wheel is in the way.

Sorry to hear about the motor Simon.

Keep us updated.
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The reason I was spinning it so high is because I kept crashing into the revlimiter while I was out doing autoX runs. This was the early part of the year where I was spending most of my time in 1st gear. I had it raised when I installed my new cams.

Still when I took the valve cover off last night everything checked out fine valve lash etc. When I installed my crower cams I changed the springs and retainers at the same time.

I can't pull the motor until next weekend at the earliest so I'll have more information then.

I know I was over reving the engine but I didn't really care becuase it was my spare anyway. I guess I'll be finishing my other engine sooner than I wanted to, so Rob if I get a pectal will you tune it for me?
Wow, it must be nice to have spare engines.
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Well it only cost me $500. I built it up as a turbo motor but my desire for a home of my own out weighed my need for a boosted focus. After it's oil pump failed just after I got it back from the builder causing some bearing damage it forced the replacing of a few pieces. After I got it back for the 2nd time I just crated it up and left it at my warehouse. Now with this problem I have the decision to either finish the turbo buildup or swap the pistons to high compression get a new head and run NA for a year.

I think either would be as costly at this point as all I really need is some fuel management for the turbo motor as I already have the turbo, intercooler and piping.
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