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Don't buy anything new. There is absolutely no reason to. There are way too many excellent condition, low mileage bikes out there ready to be snagged up.

The SV650 is a good bike, but it can be a little torquey for a beginner. the Ninja 500 is so antiquated, the only way you should buy one of those is used. It is a good reliable bike though. There are a myriad of choices available. You just need to decide what you want to be riding. You could get an entry level sport bike, a cruiser or even a dualsport.

First, take the class. Learn EVERYTHING you can about motorcycles. The sport is much more enjoyable for the informed rider. I used to sell motorcycles at a large dealership in Denver. I couldn't tell you how many yahoo's we used to get who wanted a GSXR-750/1000 or R1 as their first bike. They knew nothing about the sport....and even against our wishes, they bought tbe motorcycle anyway. Sure enough, we'd see them in the following couple weeks, buying body parts. We always gave them a big "I TOLD YOU SO" when they came limping into the shop.

The allure of speed brings many people to the motorcycle world. However, you have to be VERY careful in becoming proficient at riding before strapping yourself onto a 500 pound machine that makes more HP than your Focus.

The other thing I tell all potential riders is about the "other" side of motorcycling. The proability of you going down is very high. The probability of getting hurt is very high....especially in urban areas. I was hit by a Ford F-150 in 1997, and was lucky to escape with my life. There is no amount of protective gear that will save you from a 3000 pound vehicle moving at speed.

Make your decision carefully. Talk to people in your area that ride. Take the class. Know as much as you can about motorcycles before even looking at one.
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