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Well some time ago I had read about a Turkish scientist working in US making an important friction reduction discovery...It seems that his discovery is out as a product.

It is called Motor Silk. Supposedly you use it only once per 150000 Km's of driving. All you need to do is run it for sth like 2000 km's (add to engine oil) and than it bonds to all your metal parts, permanently decreasing friction and wear considerably...

The official site is (seems to be down now) and there is a turkish site at

A small search at google seems to bring out approval of the products claims but I just wanted to get some jetter opinion about it.

A friend of mine tried it on his Audi A3 Turbo and he claims even his idling changed. I am really eager to try, but product states that it shouldn't be used before 5000 Km break in period as it reduces friction extremely, and I am getting new cam's next month...So I have to wait till the cams settle in

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