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msd window switch

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Hey ya'll, just curious if anyone is usning the msd window switch on their nitrous setup. I think Im going to go ahead and purchase the edelbrock 7001 nitrous kit, with a purge valve, msd window switch, plugs and bla bla. What pills should I run? I think I had like3200 and 6000 in my civic. Does that sound right?
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no one? interesting.

Lol just noticed i have 411 posts..yeah i got the 4-11.
Ok since no one seems to know let me know if im missing anything for the complete kit. This is what im goign with.

Edelbrock 7001 wet kit $350
NOS fogger nozzle $20
NOS jets $7.50 each
MSD Window Switch $78.99
MSD pills 3200 and 6000 $40 for both
Autometer A/F gauge $60
NX Nitrous gauge $20 used
Denso colder plugs $not sure

I think im going to run a 75 shot. Hows all that sound?
Do you have a fuel rail adapter so that you can tap the line for the fuel selenoid? And just as a recommendation I'd start with the 50 or 35 jet and learn how to spray, then move up to the 75. I am learning right now with a friends 75 and you really need some practice with a smaller shot first...Also if you are going to be spraying in the winter your gonna HAVE to have a bottle warmer. If not you'll never get the pressure up where it needs to be. Other than that everything looks good, of course you could get a purge valve kit too, but i know how money is, tight all the time. peace

I have sprayed before... i had a 50 shot on the civic. You cant just tap a fuel line before the fuel rail? I havent really looked at how the focus' fuel is done, but i did notice that the NX kit comes with something like that. Cuz on my civic i just cut a fuel line and make a t-connection for the fuel selenoid. Is that not possible?
I don't think you can, every nx kit that I have seen has been tapped into the fuel rail either at the end with an adapter or in the middle with a fitting. Mcnews sells them as does I beleive, its just a fitting that plugs into the block off plate at the end and had a fitting on the end of it for a braided line...
dont the steeda fuel rail some with a nitrous hook up? last time i read up on it, it did.
You CAN tap the fuel line before the fuel rail, just keep in mind that the line is pretty damn hard. You're going to have a hard time getting the T fitting into it. I did it this way. The hose has rubber outside but hard plastic inside. A suggestion for getting it to work: use a thick screwdriver and stick it into the line and loosen up then line. Then use a knife and cut away a few cm of the outer rubber, leaving only the inner hard plastic visible. Once you get the hard plastic over the T, just push it as far as you can and hose clamp it down really tight. This is how I've been running my system for quite a while now with no problems.
Thats exactly how i had it ran on my civic and never had a problem with it. The edelbrock kit comes with the t-fitting to do it that way. What does the NX kit come with. I have a hard time justifying spending the extra money on the nx kit when it doesnt give me any advantage over the edlebrock kit.
Well the kit doesn't come with the fuel rail adapter, you have to buy one, but they aren't that expensive. This is the part I am talking about. Fuel Adapter if you look at the end of the fuel rail by the coil pack that is where this piece goes...
Don't tap it with a T fitting. get the adapter form mcnews. it's only a few bucks and it's well worth it mainly because it's so easy to install and looks SOOOOO much cleaner.

that's what it looks like installed in the fuel rail. You'll need the adapter and a AN fitting to connect the piece to the line for the fuel.
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High, first post here, saw your question, I have a rpm window switch on my car, you will have to get a little device from ford to generate a tach signal, the focus does not have a "tach signal" from the factory, it is a high voltage computer signal, anyway..The part number for the tach driver is 161-m-17361-a200, I got mine from steeda for 52 bucks.. I wired it into the wires coming out of the crank sensor, not too hard really, it just adds 52 dollars to the install
I have a 3000 rpm and a 6000 rpm in mine, I will probably change it to 2800 and 6200 when I get around to it, any other questions just ask, I have done quite a few nitrous installs
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