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MTX 75 - on it\'s last legs - only 72k on stock power


I have about 72k on my 01 focus zx3. Every time I drive it, the transmission sounds like it's about to fall out.. Pretty much every internal part rattles like crazy in any gear between 1000 - 2800 rpm under load. I understand why a lightened flywheel might shake things up a bit in there - the initial shock waves from the detonation are being directly transferred into the gear housing as opposed to being suppressed by the inertial mass of the OEM flywheel. Maybe this is a factor in OEM design - help reduce transmission noise...? Mine however is getting ridiculous. I had the car up on a lift and simulated the conditions in which the rattling occurs.. The noise is coming from the inside of the gear housing (not the bell housing). Also I’m getting a noise that is very similar to that of a bad wheel baring – the noise is only present when in gear and clutch is not depressed – it is directly dependant on road speed – leads me to think that there maybe some bad bearings in the transaxle..?

Have you seen this before, if so – what’s the fix…?

Thanks, Marcos…
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