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I'm looking for a performance muffler that will fit on the Sedan. Nothing too fancy, just to hold me over until I get a full exhaust system. I'm having a hard time finding one that will fit though. Any ideas??

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I know it's easier said than done but wait it out and save some $$$.

ohhhhhh yea

no actually, just put that money towards your exhaust, seriously.
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I got one off ebay a while back. It works good.
I got one off ebay a while back. It works good.
So, it does what? Allows exhaust to pass through?

How exactly does one work "bad?" IMO most "performance" mufflers suck cuz they make your car sound like a pissed off bumble bee.
Mine gave me a really nice deep tone with no farting noise. People can still tell that you got exhaust, but it still sounds good. The stock cat does most of the muffling for you on the focus so you would have to do a lot to make it sound like [censored]. Also, you are gonna gain a lot in performance. The stock muffler holds you back on top end performance. I had almost no power on the highway with stock exhaust. After i swapped mufflers, 3rd gear was my lucky charm.
I have a sedan, save your money and buy a cat-back. I bought a bonzai pipe and put it on the tail end of my exhaust, and I couldn't tell the difference. The pipe was $160
. I had that on for a week and then I just whent out to Mcnew's and bought the borla.

Save your money buy a cat-back. Use that money that you where going to spend on a muffler and get a k&n filter, or just put it towerds the cat-back.
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