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Well I was planning on getting a focus.. but since I know a few people at the dealership im going thru. I should be able to get a newer 01-03 Mustang Gt. What do you guys think. Im planning on throwing a turbo on there and some general upgrades like new gears and clutch i should be set to burn me some ricers and such. And let alone i can get 500+ hp out of the stock mustang engine with proper tunning. Any overall problems you guys know about or anything since this is also another ford product. I havent really been able to find a good mustang forum as of yet. Thanks.
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super stallions of the net

i forget what the actual website is but i think its

and also

Just know that your car is a straightline only kinda deal.

MOdular mustangs LOVE intake porting. I read 5.0 mustang like it's my bible so hit me up for questions.
Well it aint my car yet. If i cant get a decent stang ill be right back onto the focus. And i was figuring on stiffing up the fram and doing some suspension work on the mustang. I know it wont handle like a small car like the focus but still it should retain some curvy ablity
Like you said, subframes and some general suspension work should make a good bit of diffrence. The great thing about Mustangs in general is that the aftermarket is so huge you can get almost anything for them.
Wouldn't a supercharger make more sense on a Mustang GT?
there are more supercharger kits out there, but the turbo guys are doing some real impressive (and relatively cheap) work

I've seen 650 hp twin turbo kits for hte GT going for about 5500, intercooled, and tuned.

Real easy to make a GT handle well...they've been making aftermarket suspension pieces since 79...just making sure you understood that out of the box, the GT is a muscle car in ever sense of the word (understeering pig with one hoot of an engine). IF you're into muscle cars (and believe me I am), it's hard not to go wrong with a GT.

You got the tech of the imports and the torque of american v8's...
Exhaust, make it handle, then lots of power, IMHO.

I wish I had the money for one. (I also wish the interior wasn't so 'Mustang' - it's kinda chez) They do sound awesome though.
Well they make some very nice supercharger kits *vortech*. But i was able to find a turbo kit from PTK that uses the garret gt30 turbo with a full fuel managemnt system and everything for the same price. The gt30 will spool fast enough to really negate the superchargers wide power band. And also they have been dynoing a whole 120++ over the vortech supercahrger with a aftercooler. So i dunno also this turbo has a !!Lifetime!! parts warrenty. Which is really unheard of. And there is always the ablility to upgrade a turbo much more then a supercharger.
My fiance has a 2000 GT with K&N and Magnaflow. She loves the car and I don't think she would trade it for anything less than a Porsche. Her fuel economy isn't all that bad (avg of 25 mpg) and she likes to have the power on hand when needed. The interior isn't that bad if you dig mustangs and don't ever compare it to more upscale cars. Unless you are in some place really hot, I would look for all black interior with black leather. Her car has that combination and of all the ones we looked at it was the best. Imo, the grey doesn't age well. Oh, and she talks about adding power later but we really don't see a big need for it. It will pass 95% of the cars out there. To pass an additional 2% you could easily spend 5 or 10k and it still won't be the fastest car on the block. Just my point oh two.
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