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I'm stupid, and my car's suffering for it.

A few days ago I started in on a thorough wash and wax for my Focus. I cleaned it up really well with dish soap to strip wax off to give it a nice new coat. As I was drying it off, I noticed some rock chips on the hood. I applied touch-up paint to it, but I couldn't wax it until the paint dried. (In retrospect, I could've waxed the rest of the car

I haven't had a chance since then, but I'm planning to get it waxed tonight after it cools off a little. My question is, how much damage is my paint suffering without wax on it? It hasn't rained since then, but there's a fair amount of pollen settling onto the vehicle. Is it just going to take more effort to clean it off now, or is my paint in danger of being permanently hurt?
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