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My Dyno

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Had the car put on a Dynojet on Saturday.

Here is what she did:

152.9 WHP and 132.1 Torque

All and all I am very pleased. My only mods are drop in K&N panel filter and the FC throttle body. You can see the DSI switch at 5000 RPM (YRFO).

I would be interested to compare the area under the curve with pre YRFO flashes.

I think she probably had some more in her. I had to dyno about 20 minutes after driving 90 miles to get to the shop. Not much of a cool down.

So what do you think?
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Those are decent dyno numbers and shows some power increase with the K & N drop in filter,the FC TB and YRF0 ecu update.

My completely stock SVTF dyno run is 151.8 whp and 130.5 torgue this is pre ecu update so I do not know if there will be any power increase until I get her dynoed again soon.
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Wish I had the cash to make a few dyno runs.
nice numbers
those sounds like good numbers
Out of curiousity how much did the dyno time cost, once I finish doing my small mods I would ilke to take mine to a dyno.
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Me and about 14 other friends rented a place out for the day so I only had to pay $30

I may get an ORP sometime soon. The rest of the exhaust seems pretty decent although I would like to get the Borla someday.

I wish I would have had a chance to get a baseline before the TB. I actually need to optimize the TB. Amazingly it is still not optimized being an aftermarket TB. It still has a broad edge on the TB plate and has screws that should be countersunk.

All in all I was happy but still wish I could have let the car cool down first and put a fan in front of the car directing air toward the SVT snorkel scoop.

The place we rented was VT Competition Engine Development. Check out their 550 HP Marauder (I think it has been in quite a few magazines).
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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