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My experience in a 2006 BMW 325...

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My mother in law finally achieved her dream car yesterday and picked up a brand new BMW 325i. She originally wanted white with tan interior... but got a sweet deal on a Silver with Black Leatherette (my choice in colors... but I'd have taken the real leather)

After our twisty day today, my wife and I headed over to check out the car. It really is a thing of beauty. For being the "low end" of the BMW... its done very well. Everything is finely crafted... there are no shoddily put together pieces, the lines all match up... there wasn't but one flaw with the car. The tow hook cover was missing. (how they missed that before they drove off I'll never know).

So we headed over to the dealership where instead of saying "oh well.. that'll be $30.00 for a replacement part" or a "so sorry for that... we'll order you a new one, have it here in a day or two" it was "let me go get one off another car and let you be on your way."

Thats service unlike any other right there. Did I mention that the sales associate knew my in-laws' first names instantly... came running over to see us, and before we could say anything was offering us a beverage.

We decide that we wanted to go look at bedroom sets at Wickes (a story for another time) so my father in law looks at me and says "you drive" and tosses me the keys.

Now they got the automatic... but it does have a rather responsive tiptronic/manumatic/whatever you wanna call it. Not the best I've experienced, but better than Audi's version for sure. Anyway we headed out 101 toward Oxnard (Penotrode... I need your number... I woulda brought her by) and I was given some liberty to wind her up gently (still has less than 250 miles on it) and I can certainly say that BMW is everything they promise to be.

The handling is grippy yet light... the throttle is responsive and aggressive... the comfort is above compare.

BMW comes with 4 year 50000 mile full service included. You don't pay for oil changes, brake pads or rotors, belts, fluids or even wiper blades. Its included. They give you a loaner for the day while they're doing the work even. You can't beat it.

Somehow, I don't think that this car will make it the full 4 years before being traded in for a new one. Its that good.
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MB has the same plan of maintence, but ive always wanted to drive a bmw, but ive never even went and looked at one, im sure they wouldnt be too fond of a "kid" looking at a 35k car, knowing i cant afford one.
I'm glad you enjoyed the car, they are indeed as nice as your paint them. They are a large step up over the last generation.

I would caution getting to gushy however, in that all the great service you received is not "free" as you indicate. Those are all built into the price of the car. But you already knew that...
awesome man
i just did a show at my hotel showcasing the 325i
it looks like an amazing car

dont be so sure, there alot of rich, "kids", besides, you know how many people my age drive superduties, and expeditions?

dont let them know your poor and youle be cool.

if you come in the door in 3 day old clothes carrying a money cup, they gonna kick you out
I have driven an 06 3 and I complelty agree its a wonderfull car for the 32K you pay. The engine is simply amazing it revs like no tommarow, corners hardcore yet is forgiving, Rides like the 7 series, look incredible, is put together well and has service second to none. It really is the ultimate driving machine.

Mercedes benz while they are nice are more luxury than sport and I like to feel connected to my car so I choose BMW over a MB because of lack of a manual in all but the c230 coupe and the disconnection from the road they have in general, this is excluding AMG models
eh.......... for what they cost theyre HORRIBLE i mean you said it yourself..... "leatherette" lol

BMW's are never worth the money, and they break a lot lol
My mother in law finally achieved her dream car yesterday and picked up a brand new BMW 325i.
Todd congrats to your mother-in-law on getting the new BMW 3 Series as they are deffinately nice cars.

I heard that the 3 Series is BMW's best seller and they had to be very careful not to screw up the new design by making it so controversial as they did with the Z3,7 and 5 Series.Another thing is they now finally moved the iDrive controller to the option list on the 2006 3 Series so people who don't want it don't have to get it.
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hated the new civic at first

now they are everywhere, and i would rather see it than an old civic

hated the new 5series at first

and still not to fond of it but will definitely hit it

absolutely wanted to hurt the new 3series designer

now i drool over em

so much for my hardheaded taste

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Not digging the new 3 series at all. Drove a 320TDi 6sp a few weeks ado. I prefer the E46, not sure why. The 2.0L TDi is strong though, will make you forget about a 325i.
The only thing I don't get about the new 325 is that it has a new 3.0 liter engine but is still called the 325? Why? Doesn't the "3" mean 3-series and the "25" mean 2.5 liters? Can someone help me out here.
The only thing I don't get about the new 325 is that it has a new 3.0 liter engine but is still called the 325? Why? Doesn't the "3" mean 3-series and the "25" mean 2.5 liters? Can someone help me out here.
keeping the name for historic reasons probably...but they are uping the engines on both the 325 and 330

So call them the 330 and the 33#? Just like they did with the 5 and 7 series.
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but the 330 is still a 3.0 as well. so there really isn't a better way to do it--at least if they're going to stay with the conventional naming scheme
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