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I bought some nitto 555rs for the night.... I had low expectations of them, but I bought them because I wanted a streetable tire that wouldn't have to be replaced weekly. Overall, I was very impressed with their grip for what they are. The clutch was slipping badly on the 3-4 and 4-5 shifts so ET and mph was suffering pretty good. The last run of the night (I only got three) I tried to spray, but for some reason the WOT switch didn't open.... I'll have to look at it tomorrow. None the less, it was a great time, tires did well for me, and I cannot complain about the numbers with how bad the clutch was slipping and how off my tune is. </ricer excuses>

[email protected], 1.8 60' was the best of the night.... also the by far worst clutch slippage of the night. My shift linkage came loose before the run and tried to do the burn out not realizing I was in 4th and not 2nd. I stalled it 2 times before I realized what was going on, then I tightened it back up really quickly and went at it again. I ran consistent 1.8 short times through all of my runs.

I am ordering a clutch tonight/tomorrow... 10s coming soon.

This was in my '88 rx-7 turbo with an '02 ls1/t56 drivetrain, btw.
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