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My Twilight ZX3

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I dont feel like wastin time with imagestation so ill just give you the link to my cardomain page.

I got other more recent pics and engine bay photos, just no scanner. I'll get em up sooner or later.

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That looks sweet! Did you tint the turn signals? What tint did you use?
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Looking good, man. I really like those wheels on dark blue. Good job!
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Yea soybean, i used nightshades. the only problem is that i put too much on. but it actually isnt a problem at all, the lights shine red now and i think it looks sick. thanks for the compliments too, i appreciate it. remember singular is FOCUS not foci... haha

here ya go brah

btw, uber clean hatchie and teh rims=
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and clean.......went the Nightshades route with my backups, sidemarkers and turnsignals as well.
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dayam, makes me miss my old twilight zx3....but anyway, looking good man!!

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yep, twilight blue is a great color
I like the color also.
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they still makin twilight blue foci?
Twilight Blue owns all. Nice car mang.
twilight does own....

i hope someday i can add some things to make my ride look almost as clean as urs....

ur car is sick.

Makes me miss my old twilight blue sedan.

Looks real nice though. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks a lot, i appreciate the compliment
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