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Mystery suspension

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A friend of mine just bought a Focus from his mechanic who sells cars on the side. He said it was a lowrider, and the mechanic put the stock parts back on, so I talked to the mechanic about the 'lowrider suspension' parts he took off.

He said that it had front struts and springs, and they had a height adjustment. He also said they had an Eibach tag on them. The rears are (as far as he can tell) chopped stock rear springs. He wants $100 for the whole setup.

as far as I know, eibach never made an adjustable height spring. All I can think of, is it must have had eiback struts with those ebay 'coilovers'
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sounds like the ground controls or some hacked up ebay [censored]
lol I wouldn't bother about that suspension.....go w/something w/a reputation and that you'll know hwat you are getting
SVT Focus Suspension Kit = $250.00
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