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Nationals - Pictures & thanks (56k warning.)

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First of all, I wanted to say thanks to everybody who posted their positive thoughts and cheers for me at Nationals in Kansas... Frankly, I was blown away at the response in those threads. It had me pumped for sure.

I figured the least I could do in return was to post a few pictures... So here they are... 30 of them, cropped and adjusted.

The black Focus with five spoke wheels is Dave Hester's (Rheacer). The Black with shiny Centerline's is Bob Jardin's. I forgot the driver's name for the blue Focus. The silver Focus is ATI's Terminator Focus.

Go Dave Go!

Supercharged V8 power... Not enough grip!


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Requisite Omni shot.

Got Rain?

Gettin' loose:
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Great pics man. looks like a blast. I like the one of the gray porsche... the slammed mini too. So what was the deal with the V8 focus? What kind of times did it run?
So what was the deal with the V8 focus? What kind of times did it run?
It did fairly well considering what it was... It was near the bottom of Street Mod 2, but I'm pretty sure they were just there to have fun and get the ATI name out more.

This is the same V8 Focus that has been in many magazines and the new Focus Fanatic magazine.
Hey, Omni
Great Pictures! (especially like the 1 st few
It was a fun event, even with the 15 hour drive. If they just would learn how to do BarBQue in Kansas
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Omni, thanks for the awesome pix!!

On a side note, i went to my first AutoX event yesterday in CT, and had a blast!
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It must have been a hoot to see the ATI Focus run. Must sound insane!
that ATI focus is insane. it was at one of my events this summer, that thing had ZERO grip. sounded great though! plenty of entertainment value
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damn......someone beat me to it? you know anything about this thing?
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All I know, is he was definitely way past the "smoke" limit on that engine!

FYI: Smoke limit is the point at which a diesel engine starts to show smoke. Diesel engines always run wide open throttles, in fact they don't have throttles. You control power by controlling the amount of fuel injected. They run VERY lean at idle and cruise, and they get more power as you add fuel of course. However, there is a point they usually try to stay under, called the "smoke limit" which is the point at which they visibly smoke. That limit is usually somewhere below the maximum power point. That's why most chipped or modded diesels smoke like mad.
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That car was very cleanly built... right down to the "GTD" badge on the front. I *think* it is from Washington.
Yep, I've had the, um, pleasure of being gridded next to that smoke machine.
Don't remember any deatils on it, though.
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I was thinking Jacksonville, turbo diesel, I was only .2 faster over 2 days
Oh well always next year.
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Cool Pics.

The blue SVT is Justin Johnson. He races in my region (Colorado). Nice guy with lots of experience, although it is in RWD Mustangs.

Congrats once again.

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I KNEW it could be a Good idea!!!!

Great Pics Lorin!

Congrats Again on Trophying!
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Very cool pictures. I would love to come out to Nationals sometime to see what they are about. I would like to enter as well after I get my car dialed in.

That ATI SVT Focus was at the Detroit event this last weekend. I didn't get to stay long enough to watch it run and I have heard it does not always do the best in its class, but I have also heard that it is a blast to drive.
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Awesome pictures!

After seeing those, I can't wait for next seasons Solo 2 to starts so I can get back out there.
A little late...but nice pics. What kind of camera did you use and how close did they let you get? Thanks...

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