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Need cheap insurance!

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Does anybody know a good place that I could get CHEAP insurance?


I need less than $1500/6 mo!
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Insurance varies so much from state to state and person to person, there isn't any one insurance company that is "cheap." If you have a clean driving record, State Farm tends to offer good rates. If you don't have a clean record, your going to be paying a lot no matter what.

I pay 738 every 6 months.

But, that is:

Full coverage, $0 deductible roadside assistance, comprehensive and collision, $250 deductible on my 2000 ZX3

$0 Deductible Roadside, Liability only on my 1995 Escort

$0 Deductible Roadside, Liability only on my 1989 Aerostar (recreational use only < 7500 Miles/Year)


$100 Deductible Renters Insurance, $0 Deductible Liability of the structure, and replacement of up to $40,000 Worth of my posessions.

I couldn't fathom paying over 1000 every 6 months on just one single car!
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You have cheap insurance already. I pay 225 a month, but thats the in the great garden state.

I think i'd recommend just raising your deductables that should save a lot of money without having to change companies.

I'd recommend AMICA if they are in your state and you are looking for a new company
I couldn't fathom paying over 1000 every 6 months on just one single car!
don't move to nj. cheap insurance in nj is an oxymoron.
I live in Missouri but I have American Family and I pay close to $500 every 6 months for a $500 deductible full coverage on my 2001 ZX3. But like the other post it is going to vary depending on your record and where you live.
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