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Need Engine Swap Help!

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as you all know, I blew up the focus... anyways, I got a new engine that only had 250 miles on it. the thing is pristine, has compression, is flawless from what we inspected.

We swap the engine, bolt everything back up, and NOTHING!

so we check the grounds and find a loose ground... fire it up and we have turn-over but still nothing.

then we check the plugs and find no spark... so we change the plugs and now have spark. still nothing.

so we pull the fuel rail and laid it out and turned her over and we DID have fuel... put it back in, still nothing.

Then we tried starting fluid and even that wouldnt fire up the car???!!!

So I tow the car to FORD and they put 3 hours in it and couldnt get it to start???!!!

now im guessin that ford didnt do a damn thing to the car and is just charging me a few hundred just cuz they can... oh well... it was worth a shot.

Anyways, I need help... I need to get this car started so I can sell it!


feel free to call me so we can talk


or PM me your name and # and I can call you to talk.

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Ok, first question. Was the motor from the same year or newer? Did you transfer anything over like the crankangle sensor? Injectors...?
When You laid the fuel rail over, was it with the injectors? Are they firing? If You have fuel and spark, then it should run unless the plug wires are crossed. Even if the injectors aren't firing right, but are firing, it should atleast try to run. Do You have fuel pressure? You can get fuel coming out of the injectors, but with the right amount of pressure, there should be a heck of a mist.
same thing happenned to me. I got a motor from an atx and I have a manual tranny. The crank position sensor housing is diff between the 2 motors. the one frfom an atx is like an inch bigger, thus making it impossible for the sensor to get a reading from the flywheel. hope this helps

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Thanks for the info and all the phone calls.

as of right now I am thinking that we are somehow NOT getting spark from the plugs when they are in the engine.

the car itself is a 2000, the new engine is a 2003. both were ATX engines, and the only thing that had changed from the 2 engines was the harness for the injectors. we swapped the harness from my old engine and everything plugged up just fine.

we definately have fuel preassure, but i will be checking for a leak in the vaccume line to the FPS as soon as I get the car back friday.

If I still cannot get it running w/ the few things I have in mind, we will continue by changing out the sensors from the old engine to the new one-by-one just incase there is a bad sensor somewhere.

If anyone has a port scanner that they would be willing to let me borrow for a bit, I would happily pay shipping both ways.

Thanks again, and I will keep everyone posted as to what we find
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please swap that MAF
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please swap that MAF
The engine will run without the MAF connected. It will just use a base map. I still say crank angle sensor.
please swap that MAF
Did you have a brain fart cory???

Toole.... Check the timing on the engine.
the timing will be checked... gonna swap the crank angle sensor and re-set the cams to TDC... but the bottom line is this... iven if the CAS was bad, the MAF was bad and the timing was WAAAAY off, the car would still fire. I truly think that the plugs arent firing inside the engine.

I'll play with it this weekend a bit
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Either that, or the timing is so far off the plugs are firing, but getting puffed out by a 180deg or so delay in combustion.

Good luck.
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Just for kicks.. did you swap coil packs?
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