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Okay, I've been busy, and haven't had time to get out to get something for my dad. And I need it soon. (like by Monday, Saturday perfered)

The reason this is here is because I thought I can get something he could use with / on his GTO that he is restoring.

I would get him something he needs, but I don't know where he is with it, or what path he is following. (either rebuild the 350 thats in there, or build a 389 from scratch)

I was thinking of getting some Pontiac fender covers, but Year One is out of stock on those.

Any other ideas? Hopefully around 25-50 bucks (Currently helping fund a surprise aniversary party for them right now as well).


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Subscriptions to Pontiac specific magazines or pay for year's membership to a GTO car club or something along those lines...
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