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K, I got my cam gear on today. Had it at 0. It ran fine. Took it for a spin, life is good. I think my timing might of been retarded slightly, since i noticed a BIT less torque and a little more top end, but it's fixable within the gear limits.

Now tonight I went to change it to +2.

SWEET JESUS, HOW THE HELL DO I WORK THIS THING? I tried turning it, wouldn't work. I was tapping it, next thing I know the tensioner has pulled it to +10! And I can't get it back! I was able to get it back to +2 but it ran like ****, I think I messed the cam timing when I tightened the bolt a bit in the center.

Anyways tomorrow morning I'll crack it open and reset the timing, but WTF, what is the procedure to adjust the gear?! You never touch the center cam bolt right, just the 4 hex heads on the outside? Then how do you turn it?

Grrr. It was good while it lasted.


PS - This is on a ZX2, but it's the intake gear (no VCT) so it's the same as the focus setup.
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