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Need Help w/ Oil Filter

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A friend of mine bought 03 SVT (Comp OJ w/european package) and time has come for him to change his oil. The dealer has no experience with SVTs and since he paid 23K cash for it, he didn't want to screw around, knowing suggestions made by manufacturer.

PROBLEM: We looked at the present oil filter that came with the car and it is still on. That one is FL 801. One local SVT dealer gave him is FL 2005, but once we looked in SVTF handbook it mentioned that he should use FL 400S.

QUESTION: Which one is right? I used SEARCH already and few threads said 400S was right, but where does 801 come in?


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801 is what comes from the factory. The correct filter, according to the svt supplement, is the 400s. BUT, you can use the 2005 like I do. Either filter is OK, just drive your car. Wish mine was orange.
On a side note, the 400s is MUCH easier to find. The 2005 has a different internal baffle and so is a different part number.

As has been stated prior, either will work, but the 400s is easier to come by.
Here's how we do it at the dealer I work at. SOHC Foci and escorts (SPI) Get the 400S. DOHC Escorts (ZX2) and Foci (Zetec and SVT) get the 2005. 801 cross references over to 2005 in the Ford Catalog. I run 2005 on mine, just because I believe it to be a better filter.
Just did mine a few days ago, use the FL400S.
The age-old debate continues

I have done a bit of research on this and 2005 is the one to use. The 801 does cross-reference with the 2005. Until someone at Cosworth or the lead engineer at SVT tells me why they put an 801 (that is in fact a 2005) on at the factory, I’ll take what’s on the car as proof instead of a miss printed booklet. Call SVT, they read the same book you have
can they explain the 801/2005 from the factory?
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Seriously, its the 400. SVT has probably been called hundreds of times about this and they would have figured it out if it were wrong by now.

As far as why it comes from the factory with the 2005 equivalent, I would not be surprised if it is simply cheaper for them to use that as it is already stocked for all the other ZX3 (zetec) that they make in Mexico.

They would need to stock the different filter just for SVTs as all the other ZX3 have been Zetec (2005). In Ford's eyes, saving a few dollars here and there is a really big deal.

Just my guess.
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You think you guys have it bad, in the ST170 manual it says to use the FL 801 which you can't even purchase!

The posts I've read on it suggest that the dealers are telling people to use the EFL600 which is used in all other zetec powered Foci there.
Discussion on ST170 filter
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Davor, I'm going to lock this, not because you did anything wrong but more because this has been beaten to death in numerous threads. Everyone will argue over an oil filter.

There are a couple really good reads out there. One being this thread. There is also a link to a thread where the 2 filters were compaired. I suggest reading thru those threads and making your decision. The cliff notes of the threads. Both will work, but SVT recommends the 400S.
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