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Need help with jrsc bbk having some lean problems please help!!!

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Ok i went to my tuner today to install the bbk on my svt focus .We installed the smaller pulley,42lb injectors,maf and all was great till we put it on the dyno to tune it up.No matter what i do the car is running lean at WOT we put the duty cycle to 100% on the injectors and still running lean.

I was told by the tuner guy that it could either be the fuel filter or the fuel pump.Does anyone else agree with this.

Also has anyone else ever heard of this or had it happen to them?

Please help me ...
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if your car is leaning you should probably check the suspension.

but really, how did you determine the car was lean? wideband or narrowband o2? was it detonating? if you had your 42s at 100% and its still not getting enough fuel with just a jrsc bbk then you may want to check fuel rail pressure. yes fuel filter or pump could be the culprit if pressure is low.
it was with a wideband 02 sensor they put it at the end of ur exaust.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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