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Need O.D. Dimension of stock SVT Exhaust

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I need a dimension (accurate to 0.00") of the outside diameter of the tubing for the stock SVT exhaust. Preferably near the front most muffler, behind the front crossmember, and measured with a set of calipers.
Thanks in advance.
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Well, dont take this as fact...but 2.26...That is what SVT told me a while back. I did not measure or hopefully some one will jump in with fact.
I heard that the ID of the pipe is 2.27", so that raises the question of is that number accurate for the ID, or is that actually the OD.
Hmm. Thinking back on my call to SVT they said the exhaust is 2.26 in D. So, like you said that leaves more to be desired. Go ahead and call up SVT. I am sure they will answer your question for sure. 1800fordsvt or its 1800svtford one of those.
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From the SVT website:

58mm (2.28-inch) diameter exhaust pipe, with 75mm (2.95-inch) polished chrome exhaust tip.
Thanks infrared, I sent an email to SVT today.
BlackFSVT, the problem is that those dimensions don't specify if that is the ID or OD of the pipe.

I am thinking that the pipe is 60mm OD (2.36") and the ID is 57.9mm (2.28") which leaves .02 wall thickness. SVT should be able to clear up my questions.

Thanks alot for your help guys!
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My guess is that 2.28 is the outside diameter.
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Hey I cant believe no one has asked yet, but why do you need these measurmnets? Just curious...
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Went after work and measured one at the local dealer.
2.28" O.D.
2.14" ID
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