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Need some PSS9 Dimensions

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Ok guys, I need some help for my camber plates. The design is almost done, but I want to know if they are going to work with the Bilstein PSS9 or H&R setup. Just need some quick dimenions.

Ok, you have that threaded portion. Is it still an M12 thread? (just under 1/2" OD on the threads)

Ok, now, just down from that you have a step in OD, what is the measurement? How long is the step?

What about the second step, OD and length?

Murph, if your H&R's look like this, things look good. Just need some confirmation dimensions.
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I can confirm that the threaded part is still an M12. As for the other pieces, I would have to take the shock off the car to measure that...
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did anyone ever figure out what the spring rates are on these bad boys?
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