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Need someone to help install Torsen diff. (Baltimore)

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If I can find someone, preferably with some experience to help me install a Torsen differential & a lightweight flywheel on my '05 ST, I'd be really happy.

Any volunteers??
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ever think of inviting people up to mcnews and doin it there. that way if u hit a snag or need a correct bearing, ur there? bringin a few others in, have some pizza or whateva, and make a day of it.

just .02

Can you DO that at McNews? I THINK focusSalvage sent me an offer via PM, but his message was kinda vague, so I'm not sure if this is what he was referring to.
I paid Ian (from Focus Salvage) for my Quiafe install last year, and he did a smoking job for an awesome price.
run it by the ray, bobby and the gang up in dillsburg. invite some folks around a time thats good for them and you all and make a day of it. that way any hang ups can be solved there. they wont babysit you and do it. but i'm sure other jetters would be glad to come down there and make a g2g of it

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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