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Need to Ghetto Rig my bumper...

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I have a 2000 Expedition with a chrome bumper (stock) that someone nicely backed into or something.

Anyways the area thats pushed in (the entire passenger side) isnt pushed in far but there is some crumpling effect. I would just leave it alone but now the raised areas are starting to rust.

My ghetto rig idea is to take a mallet to the back of the bumper and pound it out the best I can, then sand down the rusted areas a bit and spray with something like rustoleum silver paint (just on the rusted areas...small lines basically)

ok before you die laughing, its starting to look really bad with the rust, I have absolutly no money and no job...can probably con a can of spray paint out of my dad though. So getting it fixed nicely is out of the question. I just want to do something to keep the rust from spreading and looking worse.

Any ideas on how to make this work or fix it from home a little better under $5?
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didnt know where to put it......any ideas anyone (not focus related but I will take any advice before doing this!)
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Just wire brush the rust, and spray it with some of that rust converter stuff...Itll turn the rust a nice flat black, which should keep it from spreading...You can then leave it like that, or spray the silver on it...
...That would be my thoughts on the matter...
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