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needle color change

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I tried looking to see if anyone had done this, but I didnt see anyone that tried this(this particular way). I got a can of Metalcast Red paint (Duplicolor) and simply sprayed the needles with 2 light coats (it's more like a candy that allows light to shine through). Now there is no traces of orange and they match the reverse indiglo gauges and lcd perfect (changed from green to red). It doesn't affect the black at the base of the needles, other than turning it a slight redish in bright light. And yes they are pretty bright at night still.
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how-to-do, also includes changing the led color (where your odometer is)
I've done the mod, just didn't like how the needles were orange during the day, and barely red at night. The LCD mod is a real nice one, I did it in red instead of the blue on the how-to. I'll get my hands on a digital camera maybe tomorrow for some pics.
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I'll be doing the LCD mod as well.... My Gauges will be blue... so i figure i will do it the same color... what do you think about blue needles?
the neadles from the Escape are red and fit too, if any one found a junked escape they could just grab the needls off the guages...........
I thought about doing blue, but I don't think there is a way going from orange.
I have blue and red on the reverse indiglo gauges, the red needles accent the other spots of red. Right now the only thing that looks odd is that damn HVAC surround.
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YES, there is a way to have Blue needles! But it's going to take a lot more work. You CAN'T change orange into blue, so you have to replace the needles themselves. Go on ebay, and buy a used gauge cluster from something like a Nissan Sentra. I've seen them for about $10-15 dollars, and the needles are clear. We've had other jetters do that. Check here and scroll down for a picture. They look sweet by themselves, but after you get those clear needles installed, you can buy this kit to change them whatever color you want.
Now, if you just wanna change your needles to red....the cheap way I did mine was to use a Red permanent marker to color them. They look GREAT! I bet you could paint the clear needles with a blue marker if you want them blue in the daytime also.
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