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New Civic Type R

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So They Say...

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esos dos coches son feos
lol if they made a type r with the US si, that would be hot
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thanks for the fix
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I show them no love, unless they put down 200whp.... Then it could look like a brick, I just want a fash brick....
oh wait...
I don't mind the looks, but we won't get it in the U.S.; I'd be willing to put money on it.
I like it, but then I liked the atomic Dustbuster looks of the prior one too. They just need to make sure it's got the huevos, and make sure we get it.

I'm not holding my breath on the latter.
Funny it has Offenbach number plates on it
Looks nice for everything except the Altezza grill... what's up with that?
looks like a pinto
def. not an attractive car. in a few years it will look so dated and tacky imo.
I've been reading that to top the new SI, honda will be bringing the integra type R over here. The top pic kinda looks like a photochop to me???
I bet it could smoke a SVT Focus.

Very nice!

Hopefully Honda will bring it to the USA or Honda will bring back the CRX.
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