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About a month ago I got a new PC.....first one since my old P133! Well, my wife got a digital camera for her birthday. The Olympus D-390. It's not the best out there, but I think it works okay for our first digital camera.

Well, since I have these new toys, I decided to take the camera with me when I drove around town. And here are some of the shots I have so far. I am NOT a good photographer since most of these were taken from my car, some through the windshield. Just had to show off what was around Tulsa. Feel free to laugh.

First some SVTs:

Here's a Euro package taken through the showroom glass. :drool:

Now for some rice:

This Tibby lives in the same town I do just outside Tulsa. I ran into it AGAIN about 30 miles from home. Feel pitty for this soul....

Finally some clean compacts that are done least to me:

Now, if I only owned a Focus so I could take pictures of my own car. And no......I won't take any pictures of the Neon that I own. It doesn't even look as good as that green Neon above.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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