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From the beginning, Focaljet was conceived as a link between enthusiasts and aftermarket companies.

We strive to partner with the best companies in the industry.

To help us make your site experience as pleasant as possible, we are creating the Customer Satisfaction Feedback Program. You, as a customer, have a direct line to the top at Focaljet to make your concerns heard.

We realize there are two sides to every transaction. We know that some companies can sometimes be slow to respond or to get orders processed in a timely manner. We also know some customers can be impatient, and yes, even unreasonable in some cases. However, we want to hear about any dissatisfaction you may have.

If you have any issues with a sponsor, please send them directly, via PM, to: focaljet-1

By keeping a close tab on customer satisfaction we can remain confident that we have allowed only the best companies to be associated with

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