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new mods.. new pics..

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just got my euro grill and new wheels.
16" rota slipstreams. now i just need tires.

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i'll get better pictures tomorrow.
if you don't wana put tires on ... you could make it a rail car focus...

i like slips, nice choice
if you want cheap all seasons look at the sponsor section on H-T places in cali are sellin falken ziex's for like 40-50$ each shipping should be no more than $50 for 4. local pickup would be great but idk anybody using all seasons in socal where the shops are located so it kinda sucks or else i'd get some
Thats gonna look sick w\ those wheels, good choice.
Sweet rims,

I think those are the best looking 16's I have seen for the svtf!

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thank you everyone for the kind words. im goin out rite now to get some more pics. so check back shortly
more pictures.

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hmmm. that grille looks very familiar. looks good on there.
it makes the car look 10x better. i thank you.
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just got my sct xcal2 .. wow what a difference. it pulls so much nicer across the rpm range. great mod and worth the money.

i also got my pass side VFeng. mount installed.. another great mod!

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Any pics of the slips on the car?
not yet. still waiting for my tires. should be here in a day or so
Always wanted those wheels. But when I got a good deal on my EAP SVT Wheels I just grabbed them. Nice wheels espically on that black ZX3. Post some pics with them on when you can.
as soon as my tires get here and i mount and balance them i will have pics. i promise.
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